About The Designer

Amanda Jean Royer was born in Worcester, Pennsylvania on December 6, 1987. She graduated from Methacton High School in Eagleville, Pennsylvania in June of 2006 and from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Indiana, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design in December of 2010. She also graduated with a minor is Art History and Asian Studies.

After graduating from IUP, Amanda moved back home to Worcester, Pennsylvania where she took some odd jobs before finally working for Safeguard Business Systems as a Production Artist in April of 2013. While there, she has furthered her knowledge in Graphic Design to not only knowing how to create unique designs, but how the way a design is created can affect how the final printed piece comes to life. In 2015, Amanda became a (part-time) Freelance Graphic Designer and has since created numerous logos, posters, and business cards for her clients.

Amanda has had a love of art for as long as she can remember. Initially striving to be an art teacher, she realized teaching the skill was not enough to satiate her. In addition to teaching, she yearned to both create unique pieces of art while spreading to the world the joy that art has brought to herself. Her greatest inspiration was her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Handler, who inspired her to be anything she ever wanted to be. Later, her high school art teacher, Mrs. Marcinko, pushed Amanda to the limits. This allowed her to become the person and the artist she is today. While her teachers helped her into the art field, it was her introduction to creating “Pixel Art” and other website and internet related graphics that she really found her calling with Graphic Design. It was extremely versatile and the results were endless. The sky became the limit.

Amanda's ultimate dream job would be to work for Disney’s Animation team, with short term goals of further developing her design career through working with a marketing agency or firm. More than anything, she wants to help others find their image and create their brand. Recently, Amanda has enjoyed creating logo designs, business cards, and more in order to help business owners spread their name throughout the world.

While her talent is for creating unique graphic designs, Amanda’s also enjoys going back to the basics by painting on canvas and drawing. Her favorite medium for painting is acrylic and oil based paints. Landscapes and abstract pieces are her favorite. She also likes to create illustrations with both pencil on paper and on her computer using her skills as a graphic designer. When she first started to draw, she took much of her inspiration from the cartoons she watched and the Japanese comic books that she grew up reading. As she grew, and her skills with her, she began to merge her technical skills with realistic drawing with her style of cartooning and out of it came a style of her own, her Pseudo-Realism.

When Amanda is not painting or creating a new logo, she loves to read historical romance novels, play video games, and watch comic book and crime drama television shows. She also enjoys watching movies, building puzzles and spending time with friends and family. Amanda is also the proud “mother” of two Siamese cats. Since 2011, the three have been inseparable.

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